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Lynwood Bail Bonds FAQs


What exactly are Bail Bonds?


A Bail Bond is a contract that is made by the bail bondsman with the arrestee and is sometimes called a “surety bond.” This contract guarantees that the bail agency will post the full bail amount on behalf of the defendant. If the defendant fails to appear to court then, the bail agency will be held responsible for the full bail amount.


What can be used as collateral?


If you are required to use some form of collateral, then you could use anything that you own that has some value equaling that of the bail bond. This means that the collateral must be worth as much as the bail bonds itself, which helps ensure that the bail agency is compensated if you fail to pay off your bail bond.


When can I expect to receive my collateral back?


When we collect any form of collateral, you could expect to get it back when your case is resolved and you have paid off any debt to the bail agency.


What happens when someone is arrested?


When a loved one is arrested in any city, he or she will be taken to the jail in that city to complete the booking process. There are several steps involved in the booking process, including gathering primary information and a fingerprint scan. The fingerprint scan is used to determine if the arrestee has any outstanding warrants or is wanted by any other agency in the area.


How can I find a Cheap Bail Bonds Company in Lynwood?


There is no such thing as a legal cheap bail bond company. The fee of 10% of the full bail is set by the state. This means that no bail bond agency can legally charge you any amount other than 10% of the bail amount.


How much do bail bonds cost?


The price of a bail bond is set by the Department of Insurance and is mandated by the state. The price is usually set to the same amount throughout the United States and is set at 10% of the full bail amount.

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How does the court set the bail amount?


When the court sets the bail amount, they take a number of factors into consideration. The main aspects of the case that they look at are the potential risk, the arrestee poses to the community and the severity of the charges given to the defendant. These two aspects will greatly influence the amount of the bail so that the defendant knows not to commit the same crime again.


How do I pay for a bail bonds for Lynwood jail?


You could pay for a bail bond via any major credit card, debit card, or atm card, as well as personal checks. We do offer the option of financing a bail bond, which may require some form of collateral.


Can I just pay the full bail amount to the court?


Yes you may pay the full amount to the court via cash or a cashier’s check and your money will be returned to you once the case is resolved.


What do I do if I fail to appear to court?


If you fail to appear to your court date on time, you should not panic, but just contact your bail bondsman immediately. Your bail bondsman will contact the courthouse and will arrange for a new court date. They will make sure that the new court date will accommodate your situation. If you have any question please contact Sunrise Bail Bonds Lynwood at (323) 500-0945

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