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Lynwood Ca Courthouse

The Compton Courthouse is located at 200 West Compton Blvd. Compton, CA 90220 and has been serving the city of Lynwood for many years and will continue to do so for many more years to come. Along with the city of Lynwood, the Compton courthouse also serves the cities of Compton, Gardena, Lakewood, and Hawthorne. When you first enter the courthouse, you will be searched by some of the people in charge of the security of the building.


They check everyone that enters the courthouse in order to find any objects that are not permitted in the building. There is an administration building inside the court houses with people who could help you figure out what office you need to go to. This courthouse has two different offices for public defenders in case they are both needed for multiple cases. The purpose of the public defender is for those defendants who cannot afford an attorney of their own. Unlike most courthouses, the Compton Courthouse provides childcare services for those in need of their services while attending court.


This courthouse serves both civil and criminal cases. The clerk’s office is located on the fourth floor and you could go to this office whenever you need to pay a fine or if you would like to know if your case has been resolved. There are also two family law offices at this courthouse. They handle mediation services, evaluation services, as well as family court services. There are court mediators that will help parents develop a custody and visitation plan for the children in divorce cases. They will also recommend any parenting plans or mandatory parent education class depending on the terms of the case.


The Compton Courthouse handles any small claims cases and has people that could help you with all of the paperwork and how to file the case. You could also handle any traffic cases that you get in any of the cities that this courthouse serves. If you would like to bail someone out while they are at this courthouse, then you will have to do so before 3 o’clock. The courthouse will not be able to accept any bail bonds after this time.

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