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Police Officer Undergoing Surgery After Shooting in the City

Earlier today an officer was making a regular traffic stop on the streets of the city of Lynwood, CA when it resulted in an exchange of gunfire erupted. The defendant was shot dead and the one of the officers involved in the shooting was left in critical condition after being shot in the exchange of gunfire. Two uniformed Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies approached the suspect, who was a young man in his early 20's riding his bicycle along the road. The police are still investigating the incident but the authorities have released some of the details of the incident. When the officers tried pulling over the young man, he tried to flee the police and was carrying a semi-automatic firearm. As the police chased the man, the suspect pulled out the firearm and opened fire. It is unknown why the suspect opened fire or why he tried to flee the police but after a short exchange of gunfire, the two officers shot the suspect dead and one of the officers at the scene was critically hit. The police are not releasing why the officers were trying to pull over the suspect and are both under investigation until all of the details are figured out by investigators. They also do not know if the suspects weapon was concealed and why he had the weapon on him in the first place. The suspect could have been a possible gang member, but police have promised to keep the community updated as they learn more about the incident. The two officers and the suspect were the only people involved in the gunfire. The wounded officer was rushed to the hospital as soon as possible and he is still there in critical condition. Doctors reported that the deputy will recover from the gunshot wound and will be fine.

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