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1 Man Killed in Lynwood

A man was killed early this morning in Lynwood according to Lynwood Police and two other victims are still at the hospital in critical condition. Police were called to the 2700 block of East 110th Street when witnesses heard gunshots in the area. When the police got there, there were three men who had been shot in the middle of the street. As the paramedics arrived at the scene, the police began looking for the suspects responsible for the shooting. The paramedics revealed that one man was dead at the scene and the other two victims were immediately rushed to the hospital. The police searched the entire area for the suspects but they were already long gone. The witnesses to the entire ordeal gave police a description of the suspects to go off on. However, the police are asking for the help of the public two find the two suspects involved in the shooting. If you have any information that you think could be useful for the police to find the two suspects, then please contact the Lynwood Police Department immediately.

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