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Lynwood Gunman Shoots at Police

The man involved in the standoff with police and a SWAT team a few days ago was not the reason officials were originally at the scene according to police officials. Detectives were at the 12200 block of Santa Fe Avenue to speak with someone in the same apartment complex as the suspect. As the detectives were walking back to their cars, Kerry Wesson walked out of his apartment and fired at the two detectives, hitting one of them in the shoulder. He then barricaded himself in his apartment as the SWAT team arrived and surrounded his apartment. The detective that was hit in the shoulder is reported to be in stable condition according to one of the police officials at the scene. A crisis negotiator arrived at the scene and tried to get Wesson to come out and surrender, but he decided to walk outside with a semi-automatic handgun. A member of the SWAT team shot Wesson and killed him, but no one else was injured. Blog by Extreme Bail Bonds Lynwood.

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