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Burnouts In Lynwood – Dangerous And Illegal.

You've seen them on the streets of Lynwood, drivers showing off their cars while doing burnouts.

It's loud, it's smokey and it's dangerous and illegal.

If you are tired of hearing the burnout noise in the middle of the night or have encountered it on the street, you can do something about it.

1. Call Century Station at (323) 568-4800 and/or City Hall at 310-603-0220 to let them know. They are tracking the incidences of burnouts around the City.

2. Take photos, if safe to do so. If possible, try to capture the license plate.

3. If you know who is doing the burnouts, send their social media posts to Century Station and/or City Hall.

The drivers doing burnouts are putting our residents in danger, they are also damaging our streets and adding to the noise and air pollution that affect us all. Please do your part to keep Lynwood safe.


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