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Disturbing racist graffiti was found in a bathroom at a high school in Lynwood

Shock is one reaction to the violent racist messages which were scrawled with a marker on a boys' bathroom wall. They are disturbing a word of caution as is the allegation that the school district has not done anything enough about it. In fact, it was at once gone away, however, it was only allowed to remain up until law enforcement arrived to conduct their investigation.

According to a statement from Dr. Gudiel Crosthwaite, Lynwood Unified School District's Superintendent, racial slurs were found written in the bathroom of Marco Antonio Firebaugh High School on two separate occasions recently. It was not mentioned when these incidents occurred. The photos show “I hate Blacks” and “go back to Africa” is being written on the sides of multiple bathroom doors in the boys' bathroom.

Deputies started investigating the incidents as soon as they were reported seeing it as a potential hate crime. They are working to identify the person or persons responsible.

"As soon as the incidents were reported, the District took action and immediately removed the graffiti. An investigation by the District is underway to identify the persons responsible," Dr. Gudiel Crosthwaite said.

They also reported the incident to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and the department is investigating the graffiti as a potential hate crime.

The Lynwood Unified School District (LUSD) will hold a school-wide assembly and parent meetings today to address anti-Black graffiti found in the bathroom on one of its high school campuses. LUSD is proud to be a community that embraces and promotes diversity and inclusion on all our campuses. Any form of racism, discrimination, and bullying are prohibited and are not tolerated.

The district is hopeful the assembly will be the first step to addressing the issue.

The ethnic makeup of Lynwood schools is 94% Hispanic / Latino and nearly 5% Black.

These incidents are not brand new in Lynwood. Years ago, the district created an equity department to make sure that everyone comes to racial equity.


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